So your thinking, “I could sure use a vocalist on this song i’m recording” or “I’ve got this show coming up and I need another backup vocalist” or perhaps “This ad needs some good character voices to make it work!” That’s where I come in. I do everything from live performance to studio work to arranging and coaching. I also put together small (or large) groups for special projects like parties, weddings and corporate events. If I can’t do it, i’ll gladly refer you to someone who can. You can reach me at for initial consultation. Hope to hear from you soon.

One thought on “CONTACT INFO

  1. Saaaay dummy!

    How are you doing Bryan? Is the Huey Lewis album out? (I live under a rock called teaching…)

    Maureen was looking at Marian Anderson (I think) singing “There is a Balm in Gilead” tonight and that got us thinking about OYC and of course … you! So what’s going on? Are you ever coming to Portland?

    We are fricken nuts here busy-wise but pretty much fine. 10 fingers and toes each. Maureen goes to San Antonio on Thursday and I will be here WITH THE KIDS!!!! Actually, I’m going to the 3rd birthday party of the daughter of Art Alexis, the singer in Everclear. Do you know them? He has many large tattoos but drives a Lexus SUV. I have no tattoos and I drive a little Honda. He’s moving back to LA; I’m staying put.

    So I’ve been looking at some of your songs on youtube as I grade papers and tests tonight. I love “Be Thankful for What You’ve Got!” I had that on a K-Tel album way back when. It’s actually a pretty grooving song.

    Listen, I know you’re not a letter writing kind of guy, but zip me an email, okay? I miss you, amigo, and want to know how things are in your world.

    Love from the soggy Northwest,

    Pat (aka $weet P–’83!)

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